Frequently Asked Questions


Why have you picked an old-school newsletter to spread the word?

As consumers of news, I believe not only do we face a negative bias, but an ever-increasing, unmanageable volume of news. I want to take the effort out of consuming by collating an easy-digestible summary of some of the great positive journalism that is out there, and help it stand out amidst the noise.

The newsletter is reliable and consistent. You will receive it every Monday, designed to start your week off on the right foot with a motivated, positive mindset. You can read more about the ‘blissfully slow world of internet newsletters’ here.

Do you think journalism is too negative / too focused on shocking stories?

No. I believe that a free press is an indispensable part of a functioning democracy and an essential check on government powers. In holding people, governments and corporations accountable journalists often must delve into difficult, dangerous and confronting stories. If anything, we should be doing more to support and strengthen journalism and the press. 

The Good News Email is not an attempt to replace other sources of news, it is intended to supplement those sources. It attempts to address the misalignment between the incentives that drive media companies in their endless pursuit for attention, and what represents a healthy, realistic picture of the world for individuals. 

I do believe there are significant structural issues facing journalism - particularly declining budgets for serious investigative journalism – that need to be addressed in new and innovative business models that weaken the link between eyeballs, advertising and content. We will shout from the rooftops about any progress in this area.